Video Tutorials

Video Tutorials

#1 – Building A Basic Chatbot

In our first tutorial we show how to create a simple chatbot with botario. For this purpose intents are created, which are then equipped with suitable samples, i.e. training examples. The answers of the bot are written in simple actions. The dialog paths are defined by stories in our story builder. At the end of the tutorial the model will be trained and then tested.

#2 – Adding Script Actions & RPA

In the second tutorial a chatbot is designed, which is able to display the current time. First an intent for the question about the current time is created. In a custom action a python script is executed, in which the current time is calculated. The time is stored in a slot. This slot can be dynamically integrated into an answer template.

#3 – Entity Annotation & Generic Intents

This tutorial shows how to add entities and how to define a color and a shortcut for them. Afterwards the annotator is introduced. It is used to mark entities in the training examples. Finally we show how to create generic intents.

#4 – Using The Content Generator

This tutorial introduces the Content Generator. First, new words and phrases are added to the dictionary. The words in the dictionary will be provided with corresponding synonyms. Using the synonyms, a variety of training examples can be generated very easily.

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