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botario offers a complete live chat solution that is perfectly tailored to your needs. With our role and competence group management, you can ensure that the right employee is always available for the job.


By integrating the chatbot, you can provide automated processes to relieve your employees of repetitive tasks. This allows you to focus on the important tasks and your customers get the help they need quickly.


With botario's live chat, you have the opportunity to reach your customers on all channels - whether via Facebook, WhatsApp or your own website. Our solution allows you to collect and manage all requests in one central place.


How it works

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Distribute incoming live chats based on your business philosophy using a pull or push approach. Let the agent decide which chats he wants to take over or automatically distribute the incoming chats to all agents to ensure an even load distribution. Make sure agents don't get overloaded by limiting the number of parallel chats.
botario livechat dashboard


Learn more about the performance of your live chat through our detailed statistics. Track the number of active live chats, bot conversations, and occupied slots, as well as queue length and other useful metrics. Optimize your customer service by evaluating this data.
botario livechat dashboard
botario live chat with video telephony


With botario's live chat, you have the opportunity to reach your customers via video call without having to rely on additional software. Thanks to the peer-to-peer connection, which is established directly via the browser, the customer can authorize the webcam and microphone with just a few clicks and the video call can begin. In this way, the live chat agent can respond to the customer's concerns even more effectively and personally.

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