Voicebots & Phonebots

The feeling of having a natural conversation with the highest data protection requirements

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Microphone and display of recordings

Relieve your employees

Customer satisfaction on a new level

24/7 availability
Not limited by available workers, the Voice-Bot can support customers 24/7
Customer Satisfaction
Increase in customer satisfaction by avoiding waiting times

Error-free processing
Automatic processing of customer input reduces the error rate within the processes

How it works

Discover a user-friendly communication platform

Graphic representation of customer satisfaction

More efficiency

With just a few steps, you can turn your chatbot into a natural language system that takes your customers to a new level of interaction and efficiency. Save time and increase customer satisfaction by giving them the ability to communicate with you using convenient voice controls. Try it now and experience the difference for yourself.
Graphic representation of forwarding to employees

Forwarding to employees

With our advanced voicebot system, you can automatically route your calls to the right person or department without wasting time. This allows you to handle calls more efficiently and process requests faster.
Graphic representation of forwarding to employees
Graphical representation of voice messages


Turn speech into text with our advanced Speech-To-Text technology. Our self-developed solution recognizes speech in real time at the highest level and enables efficient and precise communication.

"Privacy is essential"

botario can be used flexibly: Choose between a cloud-based or an on-premise solution. Our processes meet the highest standards in terms of data protection and security and are GDPR-compliant, even in sensitive industries.

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Use Cases

Voice and Phonebots can be used in many ways

Arrange appointments intuitively - natural voice control, flexible time periods & counter-proposals.
botario connects callers directly with the right employee through natural voice control
Customer service
Phonebots for efficient customer service - automated solutions for simple questions to complex processes.
Authenticate your customers easily and quickly using various factors such as customer number or invoice number.

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